ilovebutter1203 When joining the server will it automatically ask me for the resource pack or do i have to manually download it?
_CanadianFlag_ Did you get my application?
TheAssassinWolfe how long does it take to get the application for whitelisting to get approved or denied?

ScarletRoseWolf This is stunning and the whole idea of the werewolves is so exciting.
Schizotypal_Kid So exciting owo
teddy10266 Can we swap from a human slave to Werewolves? If not can we? pretty please?

ScarletRoseWolf This looks amazing! It makes me jealous! ^-^
_Rosette_ Can't wait, All of this seems to be exactly what I'm looking for in a server.
ManamiChan Mind Adding me? :)! i Applied i hope you accept me! also this server looks AMAZING!

Mavrosh Goosebump Central
Stiletto_YK x Lol "Your Warchiefs have failed you, so now you turn to me." Thats from the witcher 3 wild hunt &q...
Cheatse Omg this is a well made trailer! Nice voice acting, whoever did that!

Choose Your City!

[Owner] Remuzz a posted Oct 12, 16

ScarletRoseWolf Is it strange that I actually listen to this trailer and some of the other trials while doing stuff because I like the m...
_Rosette_ So close to joining. So excited!
[VIP] Jacob_P1ayz Hi i just submitted my application and was wondering when it might be accepted or declined. :)