Stiletto_YK x Akkhem is going to end up like waruk SOON
Fdiamond Looks absolutely amazing
[VIP] SekaiAmber Loved being part in the trailer :d Such a great experience and it was fun to help out!

Schizotypal_Kid So exciting owo
teddy10266 Can we swap from a human slave to Werewolves? If not can we? pretty please?
SunlessRise o
SunlessRise @ Thronecraft Server
Eeey Finn was that youu!! (Not the king, Cheatse)

EvansP o i applied i hope you add me i watched youtube videos of this and its absolutely fantastic
Itzsahil Yea cool, I did the whitelist application, I hope you guys read it
MrBob1011 This is really cool. I hope I can get whitelisted!!!

Mavrosh Goosebump Central
Stiletto_YK x Lol "Your Warchiefs have failed you, so now you turn to me." Thats from the witcher 3 wild hunt &q...
Cheatse Omg this is a well made trailer! Nice voice acting, whoever did that!

Choose Your City!

[Owner] Remuzz ao posted Oct 12, 16

Krackle_ Im literally just sitting here waiting to hopefully get accepted lol
Krackle_ This server looks amazing!
[VIP] zak293 The scenery is epic! Can't wait to be apart of it.